Friday, February 18, 2011

Change Your Life

Change your life today. Don't gamble on the future, act now, without delay. -Simone De Beauvoir

I found this interesting quote and I just knew some of my readers would really appreciate this, I know I did.

It spoke to me as most quotes will. Looking back over my life I wish that I could redeem some of those days that I let slip through my fingers, banking on the tomorrows. Things that could have changed my life, added special memories and educational value.

A girlfriend on mine offered me an opportunity in the 1980's I just didn't have time for. I was too busy. The opportunity was to go into business with her, to share space in a community flea market that rented actual storefronts. She lost her job and took her savings and opened her own little nook, it was great, she knitted, she crocheted, she sewed mostly. She carried a variety of children's apparel and novelties. She made rag dolls and clothing. This was something she and I had spoke about during high school, we would get together and do once out of school.

I was at the time working and enjoying what it was I was doing, Marketing Research, great company and the work was easy. I had moved through the ranks in a few short years and could have taken the time to contribute, I made up my own schedule, instead I put all my energy into a company that moved within the first three years I was there and my girlfriend had given up and went back to work after working on a mayorial campaign and gaining employment within the ranks after the election.

Also during my employment, my supervisor, found my blouses brought ahhhs to her eyes and felt that I was a talented seamstress wasting my time at the company (I made all my clothes, coats included). She pulled me aside one day and asked if I had considered going into business for myself and that she had spoken with her mom about me and that her mother if I wanted to would back my work. Again, I didn't have time, the work was easy. She even agreed to give me the time off I would need to work on the project, hire seamstresses, she had set up a photographer to do a catalog. I really enjoyed my work, I passed on this too.

Maybe I passed, because I was afraid, afraid of failure, I knew what I had at hand. It was familiar and seemed to be guaranteed, it was for the moment. I could have continued to work and changed my life, why didn't I?

I'm sharing this because, live for today, plan for tomorrow but please don't put off anything that you might have regrets over. When an opportunity presents itself and they don't often, not really good ones, please find a way to take advantage. Let not the future find you daydreaming on the 'What If'.


Crafty Ann said...

That's the kick in the pants I needed. I'm going to live life as if there is no tomorrow. Thanks for that Sherryl.

Sherryl said...

@ Crafty, you know what there really isn't a tomorrow, it's now. Why wait and miss out.

Crafty Ann said...

You know, that's right. I'm really motivated now. How awe-inspiring!! I;m not going to wait. What a revelation for me.