Friday, November 5, 2010

Comfort Knitting

Where has the time gone? A good question, I know most of us don't have a real answer to.

I've been spending my days running kids to doctor appointments, having car accidents, comforting the best I can, a friend that found out they have cancer. The joy I get from this isn't much accept I don't let them talk about their illness. That's not up for discussion. They try and tell me I don't understand, but I do. My question is do you want to live or do you want to die? Of course they want to live, so that's what we deal with, living.

Another friend lost his youngest brother to a stroke, the young man rode his bike religiously, exercised, and built like a brick out house (remember that saying?).
The doctor said he had the heart of a 20 year old and he was 52.

Some how in between all this and sometimes chauffeuring the cancer patient when his daughter can't, I've found time to put my skills to use. I love this new found skill. I had wanted to knit since I was in high school and seemed never able to figure it out. I could get the stitches onto the needle but not off. I didn't understand what I was reading and there was no one to ask for help. Back then knitting wasn't a thing a lot of people I knew did and there weren't a lot of crocheters either.

Now with all that said and done, I want to share my finished project with you. It's a style that was popular in the 50's, when I was born, it starts as a plain shrug and of course that wasn't enough for me, I added a leaf trim for finishing. Now I just love it, hope you do too.

I developed a pattern for it and if you like and seeing that you are a reader of my blog, I will send it to you free for the asking. Contact me at