Saturday, June 7, 2008

Create Time for Goals


If you’ve reading my blog, you will recall this as being third insert for 7 effective ways to set your goal in motion.

Well, today I found out that I’m a good one for setting goals; I missed mine for the week. I like to write my goals onto a calendar I keep next to my computer. This wasn’t a very good week to reach goals; we had a family emergency evolve. Isn’t that always the way when you’re trying to achieve something.

Don’t sweat it if this happens. You missed your goal; it’s not a life threatening matter. You keep working at whatever it is that needs to be completed. Some of us get upset, frazzled out, I know I do sometimes, but I have to come back to the reality that things happen and it’s out of our control. We can’t control everything, even though we think we can.

Look at this way, I missed it but I can get it done. Don’t let missing goals for that week throw you out of sync, relax and get back to work; it is not the end of the world.
I was working on a couple of items, I ran out of yarn. I never knew there were so many shades of black from a manufacturer. I had extra black, just not the shade I needed. This added to my not reaching this week’s goal. Now that I have what I need, there was other business to attract my attention. Things happen that you can’t say no to. I moved reach date to three days away from the original. That’s all we have to do, just reset the date and work towards the next deadline. You see, the important thing here is to keep working towards those new dates.
Remember to always set short term goals. Something that can be achieve quickly. As you begin to reach your goals, you will feel better and begin to set more goals that are attainable. Write them down, place them where they are always visible. Once you achieve your goal, just one goal, each goal, treat yourself. Do something special for yourself, go to the movies, take a day off and just relax, get a facial, just do something that makes you feel good about reaching your goal. It’s a reward. This gives you the enthusiasm to work on to the next.

I know that in order to achieve you must have time. The best way to find time for your goals is to take note of where your time is going. Ask yourself what is it that I’m doing in a day that takes away from my achieving my goal. Then eliminate that action.

Set a date and time for everything you need to do. In running a business, set aside a time and date that all you do that day is work on your promotions. Set a date and time to blog or check forums. Set aside time that you spend on the phone with family or friends, so as not to interfere with what you’re doing. Get the picture.

There is always time to work on what we love and consider important. Create time and see your dreams begin to unfold.

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Next week I will go into Decide once and for all!