Tuesday, September 30, 2008


My name is Sherryl Day 'Hello' and 'Welcome' to my blog.

I am a mother and grandmother who enjoy spending time with her family and a few friends whenever I can. My home is ususally bustling during the holidays and sometimes at least once a month we all get together for a Sunday dinner or Saturday barbeques.

Having grandchildren from ages 6 to 16 and children from 14 to 40 makes for some hilarious times. What I love most is that my children have a wonderful sense of humor, very playful and have me bursting in tears with laughter.

Being an only child, I was at times bored. My grandfather use to have weekly tea (kool-aide)and cookie parties with me. Looking back at those times I use to think that was weird for a man, later I learned that men that are family oriented do these things. My husband would once a month have a party with the boys and the following week with the girls. Guess who wasn't invited.

My grandmother was a quilter, so was my mother and they both embroider, something they passed on to me at an early age. My granny quilted with old clothing being born around 1880 and my mother after I started sewing used my scraps. My mother's quilts always told a story of my life in fabric. Neither of them used an electric sewing machine, they perferred an old treadle machine.

I got my first sewing machine when I was 14. I took sewing in high school, industrial sewing and later tailoring, which I really enjoyed. Our first project was to make a coat and after that introduction I went on to make all my coats.

At one point I had a closet full of designer clothes that I was truly proud of. I started crocheting when I was 18, having a real interest in knitting but couldn't get the hang of it. I finally learned to knit in 2008, now in my fifties but I got it and I love it.

I spend my days designing, crocheting and knitting and sometimes jewelry.
I sell my handwork on ETSY, Artfire and Meylah. I really love and enjoy what I do and sharing my work with the world. You can view and purchase at: