Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ready For the Holidays - Pt. 3

Now is the time to start thinking about your holiday enhancements as the holidays draw near. You can update your home page or completely revamp the site to announce the upcoming holiday.

You want to supply your customer with what they’re looking for and make the process easy and fun. You want your customer to remember a positive, fun holiday experience. You want to keep the coming back season after season.

Refreshing your site from time to time keeps it fresh. Celebrate holiday themes, be familiar to your customers but also be surprising, keep them coming back to see what you’re up to next.

If your e-commerce software does not allow for multiple site designs, change your banners to meet your holiday needs. Make your changes for the beginning and the end of each season.

This can be a daunting task, but it keeps your customer’s coming back for a look see and a sale. My neighbors celebrate every festive occasion in a calendar year and month. I love it, so let’s work this into our e-commerce sites.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ready For the Holidays? Pt.2

Ready For the Holidays?

With the gift-giver in mind, is your website ready? Is it easy to maneuver? If I came to your site would I find a jumble of merchandise or find your merchandise broken into down categories? If your site shows a mixture of items on a page, categories are a good idea. Navigation is important, so walk through your website to find any potential changes you can make.

Visitors that are looking for gifts will be shopping by categories, etc. gifts for mother, father, and brother and so on. So you would want your navigation to suggest pages like “Gifts for her” or “Gifts for Dad”. Keeping the budget shopper in mind, it wouldn’t hurt to have a gift price range if your sight set-up allows (e.g., “less than $50”, “$50 - $100).

Even though it’s July, almost August it’s time to get cracking on your Holiday ideas, merchandise and website setups. Grab that note pad and start brainstorming.