Friday, August 22, 2008


I know when most of you look at the title of my Blog, you think it's all about crochet and business. Some of you might have been disappointed. Sorry. The title of this page and my Etsy shop are named so because my last name is Day. I am a 'Day' that is into 'crocheting' and in 'business.'

I felt the need to clarify. I will deal with the craft and I know that I have delved more into business than anything else. All of this is good. You might pop in one day and find that I'm talking or complaining about kids. I have them both, kids and grand kids.

Today I feel like rambling. Today, I wonder how many of my creative brothers and sisters come up against a wall. How many times do you find yourself unproductive. Unproductive, does not mean without a sell, it's that you just can't get the juices flowing. What do you do. How do you handle it. Do you force yourself into something or just let it go.

I find that if I force myself, I end with a big mess of yarn and wondering what was on my mind and maybe somewhat depress. Why is it that the creative mind tend to lead to a form of depression. Is it really depression. Maybe the problem is that we feel that we have to be perfect. When perfection enters creativity, we're hindered. We have to let it flow. Creativity is natural, it's not structured. Realize that nothing is perfect. The perfection is in the eye of the be holder, like beauty.

I've done a lot of things I didn't like and was embarrassed to attach myself to. I was the only one it seemed with the problem. Then later, I felt they just didn't want to hurt my feelings.

Nothing's wrong with expecting a lot from yourself, you should. The problem is when you let it control you. It's when you decide the rest of the world doesn't have an eye for beauty and It's your job to tell them what beauty is. Every one is not going to see it the way you do. If they are paying for your work, then it is perfect in their eyes regardless of what you think. You may be the artist, but you don't have all the answers. We all see things differently, be it the same thing. Mistakes can be beautiful. Which means no one is wrong.

This is not my normal time to post and you're right, I just had to get this off my chest, which means at this time I am right. Doing the unexpected. There have been many a day I've wanted to post, if not just thoughts, to let others know that we just like to talk or let the world know we have something to say if to some it feels like we're not keeping with the decorum.

I love what I do and miss the other things in my life that I do that have bought me this far. I did this site not just for crochet or business, I did it to share that and much more, so let the party begin. Life is more fun when you live as oppose to letting life live you.

Comment, 'Communicate'. Let me know what you want, and I'll see if we can get there, at least I will try my best.