Tuesday, April 19, 2011


About a week ago I was sitting here at my computer, which has finally been healed, it had a virus. Well, back to my train of thought...it crossed my mind that April was nearing it's end and there was no Easter.

That's right, no Easter. "What the hay! What happened to Easter?" I was puzzled and confused. Did I miss it? Had I slept through it? Has it been cancelled? So I decided to look at my calender and to my surprise found it. No I hadn't missed, it's just a little late this year. I'm use to the good ole days, mid-March to mid-April. What happened this year, can anyone tell me? I think it's time that we make holidays stationary as not to confuse those of us that run on set clock. Some surprises are okay, like birthday parties, but when you're planning sales, holiday dinners and vacations and these people play with the calendar all willy-nilly, it throws some of us off.

Now that I've found myself and the missing Easter Sunday, here's wishing you all a Happy Easter, a successful egg hunt and all the other grand and glorious things that goes along with this day.