Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It dawned on me the other week that I have been someone’s mother for 40 years. Wow, that’s a long time, it’s a life time, I thought. I became a little depressed and then melancholy.

It hasn't been all bad nor has it been all good. Like most families we have had our ups and our downs, our ins and outs.

Two on their way to college this fall and three yet to graduate.

Meet the Graduates: Missy and Marcus

The grads at dinner, I'm the one with the camera.

I had promised myself I wouldn't cry, there was no need, time to be proud. When their names were called, I found that I had lied to myself, I got real misty, I was missing my husband. He wasn't here to revel in their achievements with me. He passed nine years ago, but I sucked it up quickly.
They're both athletes that he would be proud of. She plays basketball, softball and soccer and in 2004 she quarterbacked a boys little league football team.
Marcus went from football and basketball only to find his love in track. They're happy with what they do, so am I.

This is my future ninth grader, she was promoted the day of graduation. There was a dance for them, no parents invited, ;(

I have a friend that’s a shrink, yea I said shrink ( :D), and we talked for hours after I expressed the thought of having been a mother for much of my life. After sorting through what I thought was bothering me, we came to the conclusion they’re getting older and I’m getting better.

I had to admit that I am a lucky woman. Seven kids, all normal as far as normal goes. No health problems other than growing pains. We gather for birthdays and dinner on Sundays. We hang out in the kitchen mostly and sometimes some of us gather in my bedroom to watch movies on Sundays. Sundays is our day to come together after a busy week to enjoy being a family. And of course there are the holiday’s that goes without saying.

My oldest daughter knows I hate driving now, so she saves her shopping at certain stores so we may go together and to get me out of the house, away from the yarn, needles and hooks we may stop for a bite to eat. She’s grown into such a wonderful sensible young woman; we’ve gone from mother and daughter to friends.
This is my oldest daughter, me and one of my other daughters.

They make me laugh and they love to play, especially with me. I’ve learned to lightened up a little and not take life so serious and enjoy them being kids. Enjoy having them in my life and know that for having had them has made me a better person.
Some of their friends think it is strange to be friends with a parent online, they all have Face book accounts, so we rib each other regularly, compete in games and when they’re away from home they connect when they see me online, it get’s hilarious at times. Not all their friends feel that way; some of them are my friends too.
These are more pictures of graduation and some of their friends that are also my friends online.

My youngest daughter, left and her friend before the dance.

The grads with their oldest brother in the middle, sister in blue and my oldest son's girlfriend in front.

The argyle vest is a young man I've known to be at my house for years with my kids, majoring in international law and Chinese. Headed to China this fall to study.

A young lady that also made it her business to be at my house on a regular basis. I feel like they all are a part of me.
I don't have pictures of everyone, my oldest daughter has others I've yet to get, hopefully soon. I would for you to see the young man that hadn't missed a day of school since he started.
I am so very proud of them.
Thanks for sharing my joy and our celebration.