Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl - Love and Hate


  1. All the hype

  2. Going to breakfast with Misters out of town visitors (didn't want to get out of bed)

  3. The National Anthems by both singers, why two? ( it worked for me)

  4. Home alone ( should have watched the game like Tom Cruise - Risky business; do girl's do that well? : )

  5. The drinks, the food or otherwise.

  6. The company, having fun and talking ....IT!


1. Coming down from the party

2.Having to drive home (through police traps)

3. Being on the road with drunk driver

4.Your team losing

5. Your friends leaving ( especially when it's a 4 -5 hr drive)

Life can suck sometimes but in between the dashes at least we can live : )

I passed up, I heard fantastic birthday party this past Friday. Everything to wear, didn't like my hair. Margaret Bush Wilson, 90th birthday bash and I chose to stay home. Mister and his sisters went, only to hear about the rubbing of elbows I missed. Truth be told, it wasn't the hair, I just didn't want to go. The ground was covered with snow and ice, two of the things I hate most.

We all make choices in life, I wasn't in the mood to meet or mingling with Congress people, Mayors both past and present, Deans of the Universities, PH D's, prominent attorneys or whomever. Sherryl? How do or even pass this up? Peace..a part of history first hand. We all have our day's. Hell I didn't want to go to breakfast on Super Bowl Sunday with a PHD, but I did, and it wasn't all that bad and still I passed up the second opportunity not to be in the company of a part of a history making female, a famous Missourian, once more today. Just wanted to be alone to think and be with my art. A time without Mister or the kids. This is when you know you really need some ME time.

As long as I have Mister, I haven't missed a thing. Margaret's legacy in the state of Missouri will not change and I do know I will meet her on a more intimate level. I like intimacy.

What are likes and dislikes? How was your weekend? Miss out on anything special. Share.

I will share what I was working on in my next post.

By the way I was rooting for the Cardinal's.