Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I'd like to say I've been busy but that would depend on one's definition of busy. February has been a busy month for me though. My birthday was on the 12Th, my youngest daughter and the youngest turned 16 on the 21st and rounding out the month is my second oldest daughter whose birthday is the 26Th.

Less not forget Black History Month, Valentine's Day and my license plates expire this month. Where I live there is such a thing of emissions testing and a safety inspection one's car has to go through before renewing plates. It passed the emissions but nothing's perfect, it had to fail somewhere. I need to repair the sway bar and replace a broken turn signal lens before it passes. The light works but they want the lens replaced, oh well.

Now in the midst of working 24 BP's (auditing mystery shops) as an independent contractor, something I do to feed my yarn fettish, I have found time to create. I've been holding onto this skirt pattern for over two years now and I finally got around to it this month. Never could decide on what color it would look good in and a color I would enjoy working with.

How did I find the time to work it, I decided to get my hair braided and felt like since I had to sit still for hours, couldn't watch TV or play on the internet, my head would be held at just the right angles for knitting. I think this red did it some justice. Something I wish I had thought about sooner, perfect for Valentine's Day as a gift and after all February is also Women's Heart Health Month.

We always set aside a month and or a day for celebrating or creating an awareness. Ladies every month is our month, heart health, breast cancer and any other health issues. SO ladies stay on top of your health, preventive and maintenance.

Tell me what you think of my new creation. I still crochet but I love the look of knitting. It takes much longer, it took two days to get my hair braided and the rest of the week to complete the skirt. I'm happy with the results and plan on doing more of them.

Talk to you later.