Friday, February 25, 2011

Changes Taking Place

I blog about a variety of things, as you can see, I may touch you here or there but hopefully when you visit you find something of interest to you. At the moment I am venturing into expanding my blog’s pages.

As you can see, I’ve added an About Me page, can’t seem to get the picture of me to stay put though. Next I added a Food page. Here you will recipes from my mom’s old cookbook ‘Cooking With The Experts’, first print was 1955. With my first post on this page you could see how I prepared the dish and the finished project. I want to explain now that there may not always be pictures but I will try to post them as I prepare each one.

My next two pages I’m working on will be ‘Crochet’ the other ‘Knit’. I will showcase some of the things I’m working on, along with instructions for most.
Here’s hoping you will like the changes and check back often to see what I’ve posted and where.

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