Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's My Birthday!!!

Saturday, the 12th of February was my BIRTHDAY!! YAYYYY!!!!! another year has come and gone.

The day was wonderful, my youngest prepared and served me breakfast in bed and quizzed me the entire time I ate about how it felt to be another year older and if there was anything special I wanted to do for my birthday. That was funny because I couldn't think of thing except wanting to crochet. There were so many projects I wanted to finish and to start. Well, I soon found out that crocheting on my birthday was a no-no. And by the way, it was also my anniversary.

My oldest son prepared dinner in my honor, steak, broccoli, shrimp and macaroni and cheese, seeing that I only eat once a day and that's when I think about it, it took all of two hours for me to eat and finish it. It usually takes me an hour one reason I seldom go out to eat.

The rest of the day seeing that my doctor says I need exercise, the weather was beautiful here for a change, I opted to spend the evening playing WII with the kids. Now I'm sore as the dickens :-)

I had tried to take the challenge, make something everyday and I found myself in a fedora frenzy all last week and I think I've found something that I can sit and watch a movie and do when I'm not in a big project mood. I haven't crocheted these many hats in a run of a week since my oldest daughter was born 34 yrs ago. I asked her if she had any of those old Pamper boxes around I could use to fill with hats. She found that amusing. Of course she doesn't remember, but I had several friends that loved tams/berets and I made them in all colors for their personal use and for sale. They use to pick up a Pamper box weekly for sale. I'm sure some of you remember when Pamper's use to come in boxes, the good ole days.

I love these hats and plan on listing them soon as I can stop making them and decide on the trim but right now I'm just having so much fun making them. Got any suggestions for trims, please feel free to leave, I appreciate all the help you offer.

Until next time stay blessed and creative.


Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday Wishing you many more. The hats are great. Adding a removable flower,buttons,a cluster of sequins or a pin would look wonderful. Loving the colors.

All So Cute said...

happy birthday :)

lovestitch said...

Hi Sherryl, thanks for your visit and lovely comment, I do appreciate! Your blog is so lovely, I love these beautiful hats!
Happy Birthday!!! :) Hope you enjoy your Valentine's Day, too! x

Sherryl said...

Cheryl, thanks for the BD wish. These hats are so fun to make and quick, thanks for the finishing ideas. I've been testing and retesting the pattern and I guess I got carried away.

Sherryl said...

Thanks, Cute. Your items are really CUTE!

Sherryl said...

Thanks Love. I'm always looking for crafters with whom I have something in common with. Loved your blog.

Crafty Ann said...

Happy be-lated Birthday, and may God bless you with many happy ones.