Saturday, July 5, 2008


Invest: verb
To furnish with power or authority.
To make use of for future benefits.
To endow with a quality.

Now that we’ve done our homework, we’ve set our goals it’s time to start bringing those dreams to life.

This is truly the fun part, this is the test. This will tell you how serious you are about your dreams. Will I sink or swim? Don't think about sinking always think and see the shore ahead and go for it.

Remember investing in one’s self is showing the world around you, you believe in you.
Some people seem to think that invest almost always involves money; the first thing they say is I don’t have any. Say you don’t and you won’t. I am so grateful I was taught to be grateful and taught patience. I was taught to be a strong person, a person that thinks for one’s self and to take care of one’s self. To put your life in the hands of other’s, is like knocking on a prison door asking to be admitted for a stay, not a visit. I was taught this by my mother and a few other women in the family. You see while growing up I spent a lot of time with older women and I listened intensively. I loved listening to them talk and like I said, I learned a lot. The men in my family were a big help also and some things I had to learn the hard way like most.

You can invest in yourself first and far most by learning everything there is to know about what it is you want to Be. Hang out with the people that are what you want to Be. Read everything you can get your hands on about the subject, eat, sleep and dream what you want to Be. See in you what it is you Are before other’s do. Don’t tell them; let them discover it for themselves. Every mirror you pass, look into it and say,” I am smart, I’m bright, I’m intelligent, I can do whatever I put my mind to, I am __________!” Fill in the blank with what it is you want to Be.
I never asked my kids what they want to do when they go up; I ask what it is they want to Be. If you think about it, what you want to do is a request for an answer of failure. In asking what you want to BE, is asking one to think about and strive towards that goal. Love yourself for who you are right now, in the place that you’re in and enjoy the trip on your way to where you want to BE.

Keep investing in you and you will enjoy the return.
Excuse the rambling, but I told it would be days like this.
Have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.
As always, comment, question. Communicate.