Friday, January 22, 2010

Learning To Knit II

Yep, still at it. I decided if this was going to be a pleasurable learning experience, I needed to spread my wings, try something other than knit 1, purl 2. Let's get busy, let's try our hand on something that challenges the hands and the brain and boy was this a challenge, it was also fun.

I thought it was time to learn a little more about knitting, I've always been intrigued with cables. So this being my first practice piece and learning to use a cable needle this is what I came up with. The above is a picture of my cabling lying flat and below you'll see I really had fun, I decided to make a headband or as some call it, an ear warmer.

Now for the real fun, take a gander at what I came up with when the juices started flowing, I didn't have a clue at what the turn out would be, but I'm pleased.


Now watch how these pieces takes off, I really had fun with these pictures


I was so impressed with the early skill of mastering cables, I've started another set. It will post next week but as for now I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed putting it together.