Thursday, June 6, 2013

Quiet Voices

We all have moments that we feel something deep inside of us or maybe a voice with a clue to our purpose but we are so bent on doing things our way we overlook it. Looking back over the years with some hard thought involved, I realize now that I missed, no ignored the small still voice that speaks to us all if we dare listen. Dare to listen, the voice is the roadmap to your future. In your dreams comes answers, the sandals were in a dream. I've spent the last eight years doing things my way and wondering why nothing was popping. I was sitting on the side of my bed one afternoon, the kids were at school, so the house was peaceful and quiet, I was working on a tam/slouch hat, one I had made many many times before back in 1976 when my oldest daughter was born. Boy I sold those by the Pamper box full. I had four sales people, that I didn't ask for they offered because they loved the hats so much that they were taking a box a piece a week. This went on all fall, winter and spring.' I enjoyed doing things off the top of my head. As I'm writing this I'm trying to remember a coat I use to enjoy making and how I started it. I know if I keep quiet it will return. Anyway back to the small quiet voice all it said was make patterns. Of course I said "OK" well I started a few years ago and stopped. I felt that the time that went into developing a pattern was too time consuming. I've been working other things that weren't mine and I must sincerely say it hasn't paid off as well as I thought. Looking back and taking notice of the last few years of sales, I've sold more of my patterns than I have anything else. I noticed that last year and this year. But of course being the typical child, LOL, I'm hard headed and now playing catch up but at least now I am working on patterns. What I've noticed that is it's a somewhat slow process, but so rewarding. It really feels good to finish a pattern and it works and you can put your copyright on it. I always wanted to be designer but I never thought it would be in crochet or even knitting for that matter. The moral of this post is 'Take time to listen to that small voice.' These are pictures of my evolving work. Hope you like them.