Sunday, March 20, 2011

My First Day of Spring

It's the first day of Spring,yayyyy! It was a beautiful day, 79 in the house and 81 outside. I opened the windows and turned on the attic fan to draw out the heat. Didn't work. I was almost tempted to turn on the a/c, but that didn't make good sense when thought out, it's too early in the year, so I decided to sit outside enjoy the sunlight, while crocheting and took a walk around the neighborhood. Neighbors are out walking, sitting and barbequeing. It sure smells good. Plants are blooming, my buttercups are up and out. My hostas' are peeping through and the bamboos have turned green.

The kids are out playing, riding bikes and walking. Everyone is enjoying the weather. What I should have done was walk up to the park about three blocks away but I didn't wear my tennis, I had on my Nike flip flops so that wasn't good for treading through grass, plus we got plenty of rain last night.

In our subdivision there is an apartment complex, riding or walking I look for one particular apartment, this one you can't miss. There is always a chair aside the patio door. Well, today, just as I had figured the older lady that lives there was out sitting in her chair, reading a book. She never ceases to amaze me or maybe I should say she never let's me down. I can always count on her to sit on that patio with book in hand. That's when I know it's a nice day, a good day to be out and a great day to be alive.