Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How I Used My Snow Day

Today was one of those days, cold and snowy, the day’s kid’s love. NO SCHOOL!! The day’s most look forward too. The snow was beautiful. They slept in of course and I think I arose around 11 a.m, just in time to catch the weather and hear the stories of all the accidents. Most were the younger generation. We old folks know to slow down; we’re not in much of a hurry to get anywhere. We’ve more or less figured it out, we’re rushing time, we have a lot to do so slow down the pace and enjoy the ride.

While enjoying not having to be out in the cold, I picked up my hook and some yarn and started a new project. It’s strange to me most of us who make things, especially to sell seldom find time to make some of those things for your family. The girl’s had been asking for gloves and I found out it was the fingerless ones they really wanted, so I’m on it. I finished two pair, two girls, makes sense.

I finally got up enough nerve to look outside, up one way of the street, then down the other.

I must say it was beautiful, but not enough on encourage me to go outside. Instead I put on a pot of coffee, made pancakes and continued with my crocheting.
Later today, my third daughter looked out and exclaimed, “I’m gonna get that mailman, he left footprints in my snow.” You see we’re a family of snow nerds, love the look of undisturbed snow, so she’s thinking of posting signs, ‘Please Stay out of the Snow’.

And now to watch 'How The West Was Won', a great western, nice history and a great line-up of stars.

So this was my snow day what was yours?