Thursday, May 5, 2011

Road Trip

ROAD TRIP!!!!!! No I'm not headed to Mexico but I am off on a Road Trip this week. Friday my freshman daughter ends her first year of college. Her dad thinking that she would be homesick was in for a big surprise, if he didn't call her, she certainly didn't call him and he called them every night. Me I enjoyed the freedom, the peace and quiet. So my oldest daughter and I will take a 3 hour trek to pick the little one up.

I did say them, didn't I? Well, next week come Thursday I'm on another ROAD TRIP!!! I have to drive to a little town called Arkansas City in Kansas. Mind you I live in St. Louis, Mo. I think the fun part of this trip is that I will get a chance to drive through Coffeyville, Ks, Place I thought only existed in cowboy movies, boy was I in for a big surprise when I actually saw that on the map. This should be about a six hour drive to pick the boy up.

Right now he's running track at a community college, his dream is to run in the Olympics. He's the second fastest in the 400 (whatever that is) and about 5 seconds off the record time in the US. His dad says he likes to run around in circles. Well, he played football and basketball in high school. But the year he started running track, it took to it like a duck to water and hasn't looked back.

I'm gonna get some rest and focus on my drives and pray for peace and safety both ways, both times. Next week I'll be making the drive alone, without the company of my 30 something daughter, but she's always with me in spirit and so are you guys.

Until next time be creative, be safe, be happy and love.