Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Busy Creating

At first I wanted to call this entry 'Busy Working', but that's not at all what I do, nor you. As a creative part of society we don't work, 'We Create'.

Create is such a lovely word and thought;

1. to produce through imaginative skill - create a painting

2. to make or bring into existence something new

This is what we are about. My latest projects have kept so busy that I haven't slept much, too excited to see the finished products and can't wait to get to the rest. In between putting some patterns together, I decided to make a line of shawls. They are actually the same shawl but with different borders. The borders inspired the colors of the shawls I made.

Now they can be done in any color one chooses and I don't have a problem giving the customer the color of their choice with the border of their choice, but I can't guarantee the overall look. When I use to sew for other's on a personal level there was usually a clash of the creative mind and the novice. They would like to have a copy of something I made personally out of the fabric of their choice and when told it wouldn't work or have the same look as mine, they would disagree. Forced to give them what they wanted, ( the customer is always right ), I hated the finished product and they didn't care much for it either. I remember hearing, "You don't sew for me like you sew for you", this get's to be disturbing after I've told you it wouldn't work. So this is why I chose to do Etsy and open another studio on Artfire.

With that said, here are my newest creations, hope you like them, they gave me great pleasure.


Tekoa said...

The shawls are absolutely gorgeous!!!

Sherryl said...

Tekoa, thank you very much. Looking for more colors and more finishings.