Monday, March 9, 2009

Sharing Words of Wisdom

Another week, another thought:

Notice the good things about people.

We all have qualms with some people. There is always something about someone we don't like and we have a tendency to focus on those faults or dislikes.

This week I want to focus on something that is really difficult for most, including myself. This week let's find and make a list of everything good about that person.

Pick just one person you interact with on a pretty regular bases and list their positive findings.
This exercise is good for you. It helps you, your thought process, your heart. It takes a lot of negative energy to focus on the ugly, you have to hold all the bad you feel for that person the better part of day. This makes you unhappy and will keep a frown on your face. You'll even frown in your sleep.

This week we will focus on the good. As Will Smith stated, "Inheritedly, there is good in everyone." Even if they only love their pet, that is something good.

I'll start with 'They':

1. Have a beautiful smile.
2. Willing to help others.
3. Love family and friends.
4. Hates injustice.

Give me yours.

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