Saturday, January 17, 2009


FREE...this four letter word we all like to hear or see, something for nothing. Free, gives you an adrenaline rush. Watching TV, you hear Free, you reach for the pen and paper. Free always somehow gets your attention. It still gets mine.

This is what I've learned about Free Nothing is Free. It cost us something. It cost us shipping and or handling if not both, but remember, the product is Free. Well if it's Free why do I have to pay for shipping or handling.

When you receive the item, you have to go to your mail box or the post office to get it. That cost you time and money, gas if you drive. Maybe you don't, so you walk, walking is good for you, if the weather permits, or bus fare if you travel that way.

I can't think of a thing that is FREE. It cost something, you have to exert some form of energy to get whatever the promise of Free entails, so I'm going to share today some Free things with you.

Got a website you want to submit, try Freewebsubmission, now let me warn you, your email box will be bombarded with confirmation mail, takes time and time is money and time you probably could devote to something else, but it's FREE.

Then there is this new site that promises to give MySpace, Facebook and other's a run for their money in the near future, but you have to sign-up, Me2everyone, you get a 1000 shares FREE for signing up and getting in on the ground floor.

Last but not least, here's a networking site that can give you groups and contacts galore. Iseecolor, at this moment they are boasting 137538 members and growing, you'll find me there, 'Hooks and needles' that's me. They have business groups, MLM groups, knitting and crocheting groups, zodiac clubs, on and on and Free advertising. Look out that word FREE again, your email box will runneth over.

This basically explains why my house is still unpacking itself. I look at it and it looks back. Well, like Scarlett, tomorrow is another day and I'll think about it then, for today FREE has been driving me crazy.

Until next time choose your FREE, for time is precious and once gone you can't get it back.


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