Friday, May 30, 2008


Waiting for the perfect time to start your business is about as wise or useful as tits on
a bull.
There is never a perfect time, this is not a perfect world. If there is a problem tackle
it today. Tomorrow it'll just get bigger. You see the longer we wait to do something that
needs to be done or something we want to do, the more time we waste.
Starting your own business does take a thought process. What is it I like or love to do?
Is it profitable? Where will the funding come from?
The only input I have is funding. Some people will say use your credit cards. I feel that's
a big mistake. The interest rates are outrageous and payments go on whether or not
you're making money or not. Take a loan, the same applies with the loan as the credit
card idea. It would be easier to borrow from family or friends, make them a business partner.
Better yet, bootstrap. Start small and grow as you go. Don't let money be an issue.
Pick a start date and stick to it. That was one of the hardest for me.
I have spent years wondering where to start, how to start, showing my work to family and
friends. I made a few sales and got a lot of ohhs and ahhs. That wasn't enough. I wanted
More people to see my work. I made an online purchase and the seller later emailed me and asked
what it was, I made. I emailed her back, explained what I did. She asked to see pictures of my work, after which, she
steered me to Etsy.
I took a look within a day or two and I liked what I saw. I spent hours looking through the
catergories, admiring the work I saw there. I got excited. Jumped right in. You see, that's
the catch, if you're excited about something, other's are excited also. It's catching. Jump
in, as Larry the Cable Guy would say, "Get 'er done."
Never allow your hopes or dreams to linger for long, if you do you'll find them slowly slipping
away. Nothing hurts more than looking back and wondering what happened, why didn't I or what if.
Get started today, you can do it, there is nothing you can't do if you put my heart and mind
into your desires. Sure, it may be a little slow at first, don't get discouraged, all things
change in time. Just keep positive and moving forward and most of all enjoy trip, it will
be an adventure. An adventure you created and can be proud of.
My congratulations to goes out to Kate for taking the plunge. For throwing caution to the wind and
believing in herself. For admitting fear and saying the heck with it. What is fear?
F - false
E - evidence
A - appearing
R - real
The key letter (word) is 'A' appearing and we all know appearances or deceiving.
Everyday strive to achieve.
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