Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Don't Need Anybody's Approval

I recently posted on setting goals. Goals are important and are a needed fact in life or business. Without a finish line (goal) what are we aiming for. It's like wandering around in the dessert after dark without a compass.

If we wait for other's approval whether they're trustworthy or not, and sit and just spin our wheels. The approval that is needed, is knowing what it is you want and what it is or takes to get you to the finish line.

I remember designing a line of male and female clothing, and being told they weren't feasible. The sketch pad disappear and all the designs came to past. I was renting space in a tailoring shop, older lady, wanted me to work more for her than for myself. I felt that working for her I could gain knowledge and approval, when all I got was stiffled and told what I could not do.

When things like this happens, it takes the wind out of your sails, you can't quit, don't give up. Believe in yourself, keep going. There are people that are jealous, they won't say it, but if you're aware you'll know. They won't urge you towards your dreams, towards the finish line.

Keep your eye on the prize for you, for it is about you. Know what you can and cannot do. That, that you cannot do, find help, get a mentor, read books on the subject. There are books everywhere. Buy them, go to the public library. Read, read, read ferociously. All
the information you need has already been written, seek and you shall find.

Just keep this one thing in mind, and say to yourself whenever you get weak in the knees, "Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real and I don't need anybody's approval to succeed."

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