Saturday, January 19, 2013

Is Journaling Important

This is a question I've often asked myself time and time again. Well, in light of things I am beginning, no.... now, I know that it is important. For the past eight months I had taken a contract with the local news publisher to deliver their papers, seven days a week, rain, hail,sleet or snow, thankfully I didn't get the hail or snow, my contract ended the first of December. That job was probably one of the worst things I've done in quite some time and during the eight months I didn't have much time to knit or crochet. Sure I tried, I had ideas bouncing around in my head and some of the I got to and some I didn't. Those that I started usually didn't get finished. That was starting to bother me and I began to resent what I was doing, I couldn't and didn't have time for my true nature, my crafts. Well, I had been keeping a Dollar Store journal of my works and writing things out had become too time consuming, since I had to be at the depot at 1am and not getting out of there most of the time until around 2:30 to 3am. Didn't make it home most of the time during the week until around 6am. I tried to record my works with a dog tired brain and body. During this time I bought the Dragon, you know, that thing that will type for you as you speak, well, I'm here to tell you that didn't work either. That thing was as difficult to train as a toddler in Pullups. So that was out. Well, I'm here to tell you I finally found my journal, I had wanted to start a new one but that didn't make sense, I knew the one I had had to be hidden in my bed somewhere. After tossing a few things aside, I found it and viola, off to the races. I was truly amazed at the patterns I had written and reading over them relaxed me and brought me back to my world, creativity. This is one of the patterns I had penned about a year ago before I decided to take a job. The booties were staring at me from a box and I with no clue of where to start, until my trusty journal showed up. I must admit that for a creative mind there is nothing more important than a journal. Filled with ideas, notes on projects from A to Z, the life line of a creative person. Some who say it's not that important, what's the big deal, you did it once, you can do it again. Not always true. If you don't keep a journal of your work, you should. It makes your world run a lot smoother. No more guessing what materials you used to achieve your project, it's there at your finger tips. By the way, I remade several pair of the booties, just to double check the pattern and listed the pattern today in my Etsy shop.

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