Friday, January 20, 2012


My oldest son.

The beginning of a New Year always seems to fill us with new hopes and new dreams. I often wonder why is it wait until a new year to have new hopes and dreams. To me everyday is a new beginning. I celebrate life and smile at some of the things that use to anger me.

I guess at almost 59 yrs of age, I've learned that anger is a waste of time and energy. I now take that anger and turn it into creativity. A week ago I was handed a $1400 estimate for work that needs to be done on my car, after a solemn look, I smile and walked away with a smile and a prayer and I'll take care of it when I can. I remember things I would have been all bent out shape. Now I know that stuff really does happen.

It's not the big things we often treasure, but the small ones. My older children dropped by to see me if only for a few minutes. The kids that are away at school calls to say 'Hi' or 'Mom I have a problem'. The family gathers to celebrate on holidays. The long drives to pick up the two that are away at school and being happy that I can still tackle the highway. I'm happy for having the ability to get along with my kids friends, they enter my home with a big 'Hello, Ms. Day' or 'Mama Day'.

Last October a Marine Recruiter came to home, this young man a long ways from home has found a home in my home, with me and my kids. He came over while I was alone one Saturday, surprised me, no warning, just showed up. He saw I wasn't in the Christmas mood and before I knew he had gathered my tree, lights and decorations and began to work. He decorated the inside and out. He spent Christmas Eve and Day with us. These are the things I'm thankful for.

My recruiter and his girlfriend

My recruiter's (my other son, as he refers to himself)outside handy work.
When I think of all the kids that come through my life with hugs and kisses, I feel truly blessed.

So you see, the other things in life, like mechanic problems can't override the feelings I get from the calls or visits from my stepson and daughter or their friends.

My stepdaughter and her new beau passing through on their way to visit her mom in KS

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Tekoa said...

Very true what you say about everyday being a new beginning. Thanks for posting.