Friday, September 24, 2010

End Of The Summer

The end of Summer Celebration here in St. Louis isn’t the Labor Day barbeque, no, not for us. It’s the Great Forest Park Balloon Race. As most of you know, Forest Park was the home to the 1903 World's Fair.

I’m writing today to share a few pictures of Saturday’s 38th race. There wasn’t much wind this past Saturday so the balloons didn’t escape the park’s boundaries, but what could be seen in the distance was beautiful just the same.
The race is by invitation only and there are pilots from all over the US. The Energizer Bunny leads the way and marks its landing spot with an X. The other balloons follow and pilots attempt to drop a bag of birdseed closest to the target.
You see we call it a race when in actuality it isn’t it’s more like target practice.

Because of the lack of wind, I didn’t get a chase to enjoy the way I’m use to, I usually with the kids drive all over the county by spotting balloons and making my way there for pictures over the different parks throughout the city and county. To see them hanging over the trees, catching over a small pond or lake throughout the first suburban area they float across and the last park where they usually land.

Hopefully next year there will be more wind and a clear day for what I like to considered our end of the summer the beginning of autumn crossover celebration.

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