Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What Have I Been Doing?

What Have I Been Doing ?

It’s been a long quick four months. I had a birthday in February; as a matter of fact February is a busy month for me. First there’s my birthday, the 12th, then my youngest daughter and youngest overall, is the 21st, last but not least my second oldest daughter’s day is on the 26th.

My birthday was spent trying to get my plumbing fixed during the day and escorting second oldest on her Senior Night, in celebration of the last year she plays basketball for her high school. Something I was proud of but didn’t really like standing center court all that much. I more or less felt like a lab rat. I don’t like being the center of attention. The pictures aren’t that great, but I’ll post them any way, you see I couldn’t man the camera and be in the picture at the same time. L to R: Ladara, Missy, Me

The youngest turned 14 and we all gathered to dine out at Ponderosa, her choice and it was interesting to all them all together with the exception of one, my second oldest son, he had a track meet. I never realized how silly my kids could get and I do need to laugh more often and they seriously saw that I had a few good ones that day.

I’d share those pictures with you, but somehow they’ve seemed to have disappeared. I hate when my computers crash and someone does the work other than my usual guy.

Arriving at the stadium, my youngest son, oldest son and the Scholar Athlete in foreground,

The young lady in this picture was awarded Scholar Athlete of the year, grade point 3.0 and above and at least one letter in sports to qualify. She received tickets for a Cardinals game. I hadn’t been to a game since high school and we have a new stadium, it was really a thrill to see all 136 students from the surrounding areas being honored that night. I’m going to miss her when she goes off to school this fall. Why is it so hard to let them go?

Waiting for the game to start, me, my youngest and the athlete.

Parade of Scholar Athletes

The St. Louis Skyline from inside the stadium:

The Arch The Old Courthouse ( in foreground)

A view of the Illinois treeline between buildings.

Batting practice and the Parade of Scholar Athletes.

Next month another adventure, a trip to Ball State University for orientation for this young lady and sad sweet goodbyes for another door opening in her life. They do grow up fast and this has been a wonderful year for her and me. She’s grown a lot and we’ve grown closer.

Thanks for allowing me to share.


Harriett said...

Glad to have you back, and congratulations to your children for achieving great heights and goals. Congrats to your daughter in entering a great adventure of the beginning of a new and wonderful world of college. Nothing beats higher education. :) Happy be-lated birthday to.
~Crafty Ann xoxo

Sherryl said...

Thanks a lot Ann. It's been a long journey but looking back it does seem short.
Thanks for the B-Day wishes, this year has been a great year thus far.