Friday, July 10, 2009

Networking Can Change Your Life

Networking Can Change Your Life.....if You Take it Seriously.

How many times have most of us heard this and set out to setup our networking pages on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace.....just to name a few and some how got side tracked once we got there or just forgot the game plan.

Networking is a very real and necessary part of what we do as business people. We have to meet and greet, we have to be movers and shakers, we have needs to fulfill and to fulfill other's needs. One hand washes the other or it may introduce you to a new bar of soap. We're always working at our business in some sense or another.

This is a report I ran across the other day, just following links and was surprised to find that at the end of one of the links I found this, the title of the blog... Networking Can Change Your Life . Check it out, give it a read and I hope you enjoy it.

Remember, it's about networking, I share Facebook with my friends and family, I play games, but I am seriously trying to remember why I joined in the first place, to network, to spread the word about New Day Crochet and hopefully gained knowledge as well.

I'm signing off and off to Facebook to play games with friends and the kids before going to sleep, it has been a long week but that's another post.

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Treasure Ann said...

Very insightful, I love networking. I have to do it more, in order to get my business out there. Not much people know about me. So I need to take the opportunity and grasp every part of it. Thanks for sharring. Oh, BTW, my new blog and address is here