Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Say This.....I'm Back

While sitting here browsing the web and listening to easy listening from the sixties and seventies, music I grew up with, I began to realize how easy time passes us by. I was just a teenager yesterday and now I’m a granny. I wanted so much out of life. I had plans that somehow managed to fall by the wayside because someone told me I couldn’t.

I have spent my entire motherhood trying to encourage my kids to be and do the very best they can. I tell them never let anyone tell them what they can’t do.

You know with kids you sometimes have to be direct. Break things down into smaller steps. “I can tell you, you can’t jump off the roof and you shouldn’t. But never allow anyone to tell you you’re not capable of learning or performing a task, and you believe it. Always give 100% of what you have inside into any project and if you succeed fantastic, if not, know that you gave your all.”

We as parents must encourage our kids daily and love them irregardless, that’s what we do. Give to them everything we wish we had growing up ( not talking materialism). Tell them you love them daily and watch the love flow back, do much so you can’t breathe. It’s a wonderful feeling.

I started this post months ago and just got back to it. Sorry, it took so long, I didn’t realize buying a house could be so time consuming and I quickly learned that I’m not Super Woman. More about that later.

For now, take care, be blessed and LOVE.



Opiumlacedkiss said...

Being a Mom myself I know I do all of the things you listed. It is hard to take our own advice. I too have let others make my mind up for me.
I am getting a later start at some things like my degree....but I want that example to stay with my kids.
I love this post. It got me thinking (: which helps me realize that I am on a great path and even though I am getting a bit of a late start (I'm only 28) I am at least trying. said...

Sheryl...I enjoyed the blogpost....I loved being a mom and with my last one graduating this year, I'm looking forward to the next phase...with excitement.