Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Hate 'Goodbyes'

I was just informed by Renee, a fellow Etsian, that she will be leaving us for a while. It's sad when we lose a great person, friend and artist if only for a moment. I have truly enjoyed her work and I've shown several of her pieces on blog out of shear enjoyment and respect for the natural portrayal of life.
I do however understand that life deals a bad hand from time to time and we must step away in order to take a closer look, to regroup, to see other options.
I am so happy to have been fortunate enough to have crossed her path and experience her work first hand.
I'm hoping that she will take the time to drop us a line from time to time and let us know how she's doing or just to say 'Hello.'
Renee, "I'll miss you, see you later. Be good, be well and most of all be kind. You mean a lot to me and to others, we will miss you."
Let's take this time together and wish her all the best. Stop by her shop LittleSun, leave a convo pick up an item or two before we will no longer have this opportunity. She also has a blog, it's fun to read, the features are nice and you can leave her a message there, DrawingsbyRenee.


Anonymous said...

I can't leave such a wonderful
support system
So I may not be in the forums but u can bet I'll have someone I want thank on my blog

Sherryl said...

I am so happy to hear this.

Anonymous said...

good luck on the house!

PinkParchmentSoaps said...

We love Little - hopefully she will come back soon!