Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Weekend

The weekend was great. I could hardly sleep, the anticipation of passing out my marketing materials laid heavy on my mind. I was up at 7 a.m., checking email and waking kids. Only to my surprise there was only one home, the youngest but the tallest.

I was unable to get the fliers I wanted, the price wasn’t right and I didn’t have enough ink to print my own.

That was okay though, I went with my bookmarks. I had to shop for school uniforms, so that gave me the opportunity to stop a three libraries going to and fro. I asked permission to leave
my bookmarks on the counter, it wasn’t a problem. I also took the liberty to browse a bit and leave some in books. We have to be creative in our marketing techniques.

Now to see what happens. Everything takes time. Put in the energy and eventually it pays off. I'm in the market for a house, I during a viewing, I found myself talking to the owner about my business and how the space could be used to help me work better. when I told them about Etsy, they got excited. They were interested in handmade. I actually made a pitch not just for myself, for all of us that use Etsy as our store front.

I designed and printed the bookmarks myself with a program called PrintMaster. It can easily be found and installed onto your computer and you can import your own artwork. This I like very much. I found my copy at Wal Mart and it also can be purchased online from Broderbund. I have 3 copies. They offer it online without a disc, it’s a download stream. The disc is best, just in case your computer does what mine does. It’s notorious for viruses. I take it out, have it cleaned, request my data be saved and somehow or another it disappears.

Notice the rose, it’s my brand. I carry it throughout all my projects, labels, hang tags, etc. A brand should be recognizable where it's seen, like the design on the Coke can. When people see it they know it's you.

What did you do this weekend to promote your shop?

Breast Cancer Awareness month is fast approaching, so I decided to pull out all my pink to start my Awareness projects. Seriously thinking of just making ‘All That is Pink’ a part of my shop. As with all health concerns it takes more than a month, it’s a daily battle.

As always, comment. Better yet 'Communicate'.


Shannon said...

Leaving bookmarks at the library is a fantastic and original idea:)

BlossomingTree said...

Informative post.:) I have to agree with your comment on branding. When I shopped around for someone to make my logo that was a key in deciding who to go with. My avatar is part of my logo, which I hope to be recognizable by many in future.