Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fantastic Week

Earlier this year I took a business class at the Community College, via the web. It was a lot to consume for a person that hadn't been to school in years. I did it for the knowledge I needed and wanted and also thought it would be good motivation for my children that are in school.

When I completed the class, I got my Certificate, it hangs above my computer to remind me of my accomplishment. It wasn't all that easy, but it wasn't that difficult either. My children were proud of me and I also.

Well, after accomplishing this feat, I wonder 'Now what?' From February to September I didn't have a clue. I tried a variety of things, including MLM. None of which suited me or made me happy. Then I thought back to my lessons learned, 'Do something you love.' Simple, I love to crochet. But where do I start. I have the yarn, I have some stock to start. I questioned friends and family, some with good advice and some not so good.

I placed an order with a seller on Ebay, and low and behold, a total stranger had the answer I was looking for....ETSY. The seller contacted me as to what I do and with the merchandise I bought, something she says she never does is contact a buyer. I emailed her back, she emailed me. In her third email she told me about Etsy, she understood my plight. She was my Angel.

I signed up with Etsy in late September. Weeks went past, no sales, not even a nibble. I didn't get discouraged. I kept crocheting and listing and one day I stumbled upon something someone wanted a little girl's coat - toddler. I've managed to sell four, three this month alone. Two of which was a special order and the other two went to the first purchaser of the first coat I listed. Then there was a boy's cardigan.

The FANTASTIC WEEK, I sold three of the above mentioned items this week alone. I've got the fever and I've got the bug.

I'm estactic. I'm finally in business. The lesson was during the confusion and not doing what you love, something you're passionate about you don't go far happily. And don't waste a lot of time figuring it out, just do it.

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Artlife said...

It is great that you found etsy -- keep up the good work and enthusiasm!! : ) - (artlife) oh and ps...I didn't carve that watermelon = I just think it's pretty!!