Friday, July 19, 2013

Back To School

These are some of the best Yo Mama jokes I've heard in a longtime.  I know it's about using Kmart's layaway but the kids in this are so, so good.
Yes people, it's that time of the year once more.  Back to School.  This year I only have one, she's a senior this year.  I can't wait.  Not for her to go back to school but to finish school.  This is the child that makes my day almost everyday.  Like most relationships we have our moments, but there is always a "I love you, mommy," with a kiss on the forehead.  She loves to bend down and hug me.  You see she's 5'10" and I'm 5'3".  I think if she could pick me up, she would.

This is the year I don't have to buy cases of notebooks and composition books.  A cart of pens and pencils.  We haven't gotten our supply list yet but knowing me I got most of it stashed anyway.  There was a time I had five in school and I spent the month of August buying all the items over and over that I could and this went on into September.

My daughter assured me that she didn't need a lot, especially in the way of clothing, just a pair of shoes and some composition books.  As luck would have it, I was cleaning out my closet and low and behold were a box of notebooks, composition  books along with boxes of pencils and mechanical pencils, blue, red, black in pens and highlighters.  I they were buried in the back hidden by shoe boxes.  I called her into my room and we had a good laugh. 

It might be a little late to start but I'm starting my fall winter clothing for my ETSY Shop.  I know most of you that have online shops are ready for the back to school crowd that will be visiting you and ready to ship.  I applaud you, me it seems that I'm a little behind seeing that I work totally alone.  One day, one day, I'll have some help, if only it's little granddaughter of mine.  She loves to watch me work, it's hilarious to watch her 10 month old face and eyes fixed on my hands as I knit or crochet.  Yep she will be my helper soon.

Well, guys I just want to share this commercial with you, I know the same commercials don't air across the board in this country.  So this is for those who haven't seen it.  Watch and enjoy.  Talk to you later.

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